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Break the Crafting Code. Open your Cricut. From the box to a beginning business, COADS 101 will give you everything you need to take your Cricut from the box to a beginning business. 

Class starts January 3, 2022. In this virtual 8 week class you will learn everything from the time you open your box through layering vinyl and how to use Facebook to make sales and gain customers. You will learn Cricut Design Space from A-Z and know how to use it for projects you dream about. Classes will be recorded and held on Zoom but you will also have an exclusive Facebook group for questions and support. A syllabus will be provided for you to print and review in your downtime.

As a founding student, this enrollment is only $97. This offer is only for our first class and going forward will be higher. This deal is limited to the first 100 students. Enrollment closes 12/12/2021.

Enroll today to take advantage! Still need convinced? More details below!


Why Learn from Alicia?


You need more than mindset coaching. You need someone who actually knows how to use their machine and gives you action steps so you can use yours!


Your part of the group who is watching everyone else create the things you want to make but your Cricut is dusty because you don't know how to use it or it scares you. 


You need to learn from someone who makes crafting easy. Crafting is no longer a secret code you need to learn. Crack the code with my teaching!

What will I learn?

Design Space

Learn how to use Design Space, what every feature in Design Space does, and how to fix the issues everyone has with Design Space. You will know how to take projects from an idea to a finished project. No longer will you be stumped with Design Space.


This is not a one-trick class. Learn how to cut materials properly with your Cricut.
Each week will be a new project using one or more materials to include: Heat Vinyl, Sign Vinyl, Paper, Fabric, Felt, and Faux Leather.


Understand what each machine does and the best way to use our machine.Whether you have a Cricut Joy, Maker, or Explore, this class is for you. Each lesson is for every machine, so whether you have one or three, you can maximize their potential.

PLUS SO MUCH MORE! I don't want you to learn just about your Cricut in this class. We will talk about best ways to win at selling your craft, social media, and branding so that you can move from a Cricut in the box to a business that brings income to your family!

The Proof is Here! If Your Favorite Brands Choose Crafts of a Different Shade - You Should Too!

Time is Running Out!

This virtual 8 week class will only have a founding student rate once. Zoom classes held weekly on Tuesday evenings with FB lives happening twice a week to ask questions.
This class will be $497 for the next set of students. Don't let that next set be you.
Join now and get this course for only $97.
$497 value for $97 - SIGN UP TODAY.
This deal is limited to the first 100 students. Enrollment closes 12/12/2021.

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