COADS TShirt Printing Guide - Ebook - Instant Download


COADS TShirt Printing Guide - Ebook - Instant Download

Confused on how to start with t-shirt printing? Have a lot of questions and no answers? Don't understand the different types of printing you can use? Don't worry! I got you covered. This ebook goes over DTF, Sublimation, and HTV plus more! You get an explanation of the big three so you can start your at home t-shirt printing business. 

Links to supplies I use, my story and my recommendations on each print type: DTF, Sublimation, and HTV. I also give you some bonus information on other types of printing you can do.

This 19 page guide is here to get you started so you move towards FINISH! This guide is best for people who need to understand the difference between each printing type so they can make a decision on what to use and when for their business. 

Please note: This guide does not go into heavy detail on designing or an actual how-to do everything.  This is a QUICK GUIDE to get you started. All businesses require  some knowledge and research. If you want to go deeper, schedule some time with me. But trust me, if you’re ready and determined you can get it done with this guide!

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